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Detlef Willand, the wood carver

Born on 14 April 1935 in Heidenheim near Brenz, 1951 apprenticeship as wood carver in Kleinwalsertal, 1955 school for wood carving in Partenkirchen, 1960 own sculptor’s workshop in Kleinwalsertal, 1967 turning towards graphic design especially to woodcut, 1972 member of the Hans-Thoma-Gesellschaft’s group of artists, 1977 first own exhibition in “Städtischen Galerie Albstadt” (gallery of Albstadt).

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Detlef Willand is working with wood cuts intensively for more than 30 years now. The artist was born in Heidenheim in 1935. He did a wood carver’s apprenticeship in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and attended the sculpture school. His work is widely recognised on national as well as international level due to its creative and craft brilliance.


Willand’s topics are mostly taken out of the fields mystic, sciences, philosophy and also the bible.


Detlef Willand made a name for himself at home and abroad through numberous exhibitions and received commendable mentions. He holds the Oberallgäuer award for arts, was awarded by the foundation for bible and culture and received the honorary certificate at the 6th Triennale Mondiale D’Estampes.


Further, Willand left distinctive marks in the Walser folk culture. He is concerned with his Walser homeland in many publications, its history, “Sagenwald” (saga forest), the peasants’ culture and old paths. Since 1998, when a tool made of stone from the Middle Stone Age was found on the alp Schneiderküren, Detlef Willand is the driving force of the archaeological activities in Kleinwalsertal.
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