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Heimet uf m Büel

“Home on the hill” The abandoned Walser house “Heimet uf m Büel” is situated at an altitude of about 1600 metres near the path leading from the alp Batzen to the lake Körbersee. A special method of dating made it possible to analyse that the trees used for the basement’s ceiling were cut down in 1454 and those for the kitchen and living room in 1617.

The “Heimet uf m Büel” is a well kept Waler house with a long Walser stable standing next to it. It could give shelter to about five horses and 20 cows. Over the years the owners were Mathias Jochum (1709), Joseph Schuller (1808), Franz Xaver Jochum (1821) and his son (1850). In 1883, Josef Anton Jochum bought the house. Later his wife Anna and their two daughters were the last inhabitants on this alp. The daughters used the dangerous path to the school in Schröcken until 1901 when the family moved to Schoppernau. Today, the estate together with the houses no. 42 and 45 are managed by the Moosmann Family from Au-Argenzipfel.


There is a further documented incident concerning this alp dating back 30 January 1422 when there was an argument about buying a cart path. This old road can still be traced on stone walls, today. An insensible road construction in 2000/2001 led to the destruction of this territorial monument dating back half a century.

Heimet ufm Büel

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