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Walliser Werktagstracht (Work Day Traditional Dress)

Frauentracht (women’s traditional dress) from Reid-Brig – The Hut (Heuerhut – Today’s hat) is made from straw; it is flat with a 5cm high Gipfi (peak) and a 12cm wide edge. Red velvet Samtband (ribbon) surrounds the Gipfi (peak) and on the left a large mesh is displayed and a smaller mesh is displayed on the right. The edge is set in red velvet Samtband (ribbon). Under the Heuerhut (today’s hat) is the Chignon worn. The Bluse (blouse) is made from Linen or cotton and is white. Ärmel (Sleeves) are to the elbow, a round Halsasschnitt (round neck), Kreuzstichstickerei (Cross stitch embroidery) on Bärtchen at the Ärmeln (Sleeves) and Halsausschnitt (round neck).

The schultertuch (Shoulder cloth) is made from the same material as the blouse, in triangular form, with Kreuzstichstickerei (cross stitch embroidery) approx 1 to 2cm starting from the edge, attached in the front and held together with a Holzbrosche (Wooden Brooch).  The Rock (skirt) is made from wool, cotton or mixed in red or brown, without Ärmel (sleeves), it has a Halsausschnitt (round neck) with Knopflöchern (button holes) and Holzknöpfen (wooden buttons) at the back and a dart in the front.  Neck and arm cut’s are strengthened with a woven strip.  The Schürze (apron) is white and made from the same material as the blouse with a hem of 4 to 5cm in length and with Kreuzstichstickerei (cross stitch embroidery) as on the shoulder cloth.  The Kniestrümpfe (knee stockings) are made from cotton in white or patterned.  The shoes are black leather with a Trachtenschnalle (traditional buckle). The bag is made from the same material as the skirt and croqueted in the same colour as the skirt.  In place of the Schals (scarf), white Armstulpen (Arm rollups) knitted from wool or cotton is worn.

Walliser Trachten. Walliser Trachtenvereinigung. 2001, Rotten Verlag, CH-3920 Visp

Waliser Werktagstracht

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