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Walliser Sonntagstracht (Sunday Traditional Dress)

Walliser Sonntagstracht (Women’s and Menes Sunday traditional dress from Simplon Dorf)

Frauentracht (Women’s Traditional Dress)

The Hut (hat) is made from straw, 8cm high, the edge is a crease made from black silk or cotton.  On both sides a loop falls over the ears.  On the Hut (hat) a 10 to 12cm high band is attached made from silk, satin or weaved in different colours. The band made from silk or satin is embroidered with gold threads or from patterned material, and boarded with gold points. The Halstuch (neck scarf) and the Schürze (apron) are made from white silk, with gold embroidery or from coloured patterned material. The Rock (skirt) is made from silk or a mixture of silk\wool in black.  The Ärmel (sleeves) are long and finalised with a black point.  The upper arm is sewn and puffed to 4cm above the elbow.  The bag is black and made from hand embroidered tapestry or from the same material as the skirt.  The umbrella is black cotton with a wooden handle and a coat of arms.

 Sunday Traditional Dress from Simplon Dorf 

Männertracht (Men’s Traditional Dress)

The Hut (hat) is black felt; the Gipfi (peak) is approx. 8cm with a 5cm wide edge that curves slightly upward with Repsband and a small amount of mesh on the left.  The Krawatte (tie) is from dark red cord with pompons from wool.  The Verte is from a dark red wool material hanging to the waist with lapels. Double heron with eight brown wooden buttons and two pockets. The jacket is from black wool cloth with reverse lapels, these are covered 1cm from the edge with black velvet.  Three Hornknöpfe (horn buttons) serve as a catch.  On the right and the left the jacket has a pocket with covering flap and only on the left side is a button up pocket.

Walliser Trachten. Walliser Trachtenvereinigung. 2001, Rotten Verlag, CH-3920 Visp

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