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Walliser Tracht: Der Trachtenhut

Description of the "Walliser Trachtenhut" (Hat used in traditional dress) with picture – The "Haube" (hood) is made from black satin. A black point 2cm wide borders the whole "Haube" (hood). Originally the women wore a "Chignon". The "Hut" (hat) is made from straw, 8cm high, the edge is a circle made from black silk or cotton. On both sides a loop falls over the ears.

On the "Hut" (hat) an 8 to 9cm high band is attached made from silk, satin or weaved in different colours.

Walser Trachtenhut Skizze


Walser Trachtenhut


Walliser Trachten. Walliser Trachtenvereinigung. 2001, Rotten Verlag, CH-3920 Visp
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